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Low-Ferric Aluminium Sulphate Industry Grade Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment Chemicals

Low iron aluminum sulfate liquid is tasteless, hygroscopic, with a density of 1.69/ml (25 ℃). Iron free aluminum sulfate is a solid product, white granules or blocks, with a density of 2.71g/ml. Popular understanding is that the former is gray with a little green, and the latter is pure white.

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Low iron aluminum sulfate liquid is mainly used for paper making and water purification, as a mordant, tanning agent, medicinal astringent, wood preservative, foam fire extinguishing agent, effective crosslinking agent of animal glue and curing agent of urea formaldehyde glue. Iron free aluminum sulfate is used in papermaking, special water treatment, titanium dioxide production and filler.

Low iron aluminum sulfate liquid relates to drinking water. Aluminum sulfate is a professional drinking water treatment agent for purifying natural water sources with low temperature and low turbidity. It can effectively remove suspended solids, colloids, algae, sediment, heavy metals and other impurities in natural water sources. It is mainly used for purification of tap water, and is also widely used in the food processing industry.

In general, the difference between the two is mainly in morphology and purity. Different industries can choose high-purity iron free aluminum sulfate or low purity low iron aluminum sulfate liquid according to actual needs.

Applications in Papermaking

aluminum sulfate

Most of the paper raw materials are plant fibers. Adding aluminum sulfate when producing paper products can whiten the pulp and make the pulp easy to filter. The finished paper using aluminum sulfate can also prevent water seepage. In the paper industry, if white paper is produced, iron-free aluminum sulfate can be used without introducing colored impurities. Other papers can use low-iron or iron-containing aluminum sulfate, which is cheaper.

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