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Electronic Grade Aluminum Sulfate for Fire Retardant

White lustrous crystals, granules or powders. At 86.5 ℃, part of the crystal water is lost and white powder is formed. It is decomposed into tri alumina at about 600 ℃. It is easily soluble in water, almost insoluble in ethanol, and the solution is acidic.

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Used as an analytical reagent.

It can be used as a buffer in sulfate zinc plating to stabilize the pH value of the plating solution, and also in acid zinc plating and cadmium plating electrolyte.

It is also used as lithium battery material, electronic chemicals, clay toys, leather making, paper making, pharmaceutical and other fields. The package is lined with non-woven bag, 25kg/bag

Electronic Grade Aluminum Sulfate 3 (2)

The Role of Aluminum Sulfate In Papermaking

Aluminum sulfate has hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups, which can be uniformly retained on the fiber surface by itself or with the help of other retention aids to combine the hydrophilic group with the fiber, and the hydrophobic group turns to the outside of the fiber to reduce the surface free energy between the fiber and air, change the contact angle of the liquid on the fiber surface, and achieve the purpose of sizing. Aluminum sulfate can also adjust the pH value of the surface sizing solution. It is necessary to ensure that the surface sizing solution is acidic and anionic. The surface sizing agent will work. Except for ink blotting paper, filter paper, wax paper, cigarette paper, household paper and other paper types, almost all papers need sizing. Aluminum sulfate is widely used in paper making.

Product Nature

Aluminum sulfate is easily soluble in water. Aluminum sulfate cannot be dissolved (only coexist) in pure sulfuric acid. It is dissolved in water together with sulfuric acid in sulfuric acid solution. Therefore, the solubility of aluminum sulfate in sulfuric acid is the solubility of aluminum sulfate in water. Aluminum sulfate precipitated at room temperature contains 18 molecules of crystal water, which is aluminum sulfate 18 water, and aluminum sulfate 18 water is mostly produced in industry. It contains 51.3% anhydrous aluminum sulfate, which will not dissolve itself even at 100 ℃ (dissolved in its own crystal water).

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