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Manufacturer Polyaluminium Chloride Plant PAC 30% Water Treatment Chemicals

Product Name: Polyaluminium Chloride Pac Manufacturing Plant Water Treatment Chemical

Molecular Formula: [AL2(OH)nCL6-n·xH2O]m

HS Code: 3824909990

CAS Code: 1327-41-9

Executive Standard: GB15892-2009

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Product Introduction

Polyaluminium Chloride is part of inorganicchemical substance that widely used in  purification on drinking water, urban water supply and industrial waste water etc. Its other name is Polyaluminium chlorohydrate or Polyaluminium hydroxychloride that usually is abbreviated to PAC.  It is also a group of aluminium salt.Product specification meet the GB 15892- -2009.

Usually there are three colors of poly aluminium chloride powder, they are white Polyaluminum chloride PAC, light yellow Polyaluminum chloride PAC and yellow Polyaluminum chloride PAC.And their alumina content is between 28% and 31%. However, the poly aluminum chloride PAC with different colors is also quite different in application and production technology.

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PAC Specification

Industrial Water Treatment Poly Aluminum Chloride(PAC)

Solid Appearance

Yellow powder

Yellow brown powder / granule

Solution color

Light yellow transparent liquid

Yellow brown liquid







Water Insoluble

≤ 0.6 %

≤ 2 %

PH(1% Solution)



Drinking Water Poly Aluminum Chloride(PAC)

Solid Appearance

White powder

Yellow powder

Solution color

Colorless and transparent

Light yellow transparent liquid


≥ 30%





Water Insoluble

≤0.1 %

≤ 0.5%

PH(1% Solution)



Polyaluminium Chloride Applications

Widely used in the purification of drinking water, urban water supply and precision manufacturing water, especially in paper-making industry, medicine, refined sugar liquor, cosmetic additives and daily chemical industry, etc...


Method of Use

Solid products should be dissolved and diluted before input. The best input volume can be confirmed by testing and preparing agent concentration based on different water qualities.

1. Solid product: 2-20%.

2. Solid product input volume: 1-15g/t, Specific input volume should be subject to flocculation tests and experiments.


Fine Powder, readily soluble in water, excellent flocculant effects, stable and effective purification process, low throwing quantity and cost, low water insoluble sludge, low iron content.

Environmental, healthy, safe, reliable, non-toxic, harmless.

Quality is higher than China National Standard GB15892-2009.


1: What kind of PolyAluminum Chloride can your plant produce?
We could produce PolyAluminum Chloride in Powder and Liquid with Color White, Light Yellow, Yellow. Just tell us what you need, we could match you the most suitable items for you.

2: What is your Minimum Order Quantity?
Usually 1 MT, but for trial order, less quantity can be accepted. The price can be discount for the large order.

3: Can you provide free samples?
Free samples can be offered for your testing and checking, just contact us to get it.

4:What about the package?
25kgs per bag or 1000kgs per ton bag,also we can pack as your request.

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