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Aluminum Sulfate for Water Treatment

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Environmental risk

The environmental spillage of aluminum sulfate shall be cleaned immediately. In its crystalline or powder state, it can be easily removed and contained. Spills on the soil will be difficult to remove and ensure complete removal. Because of its acidity, aluminum sulfate has seriously polluted wildlife and vegetation. Like humans, aluminum sulfate burns plants and animals when it is mixed with water.

Many applications of aluminum sulfate require users to understand the dangers of its use and handling. CERCLA has detailed information on appropriate procedures for handling, transporting and cleaning up spills. Careful study of the safety information provided will benefit people and the environment.

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Hazards and Warnings

When aluminum sulfate is mixed with water, it will form sulfuric acid and burn human skin and eyes. Contact with the skin will cause red rash, itching and burning sensation, while inhalation will stimulate the lungs and throat. Immediately after inhalation, it causes cough and shortness of breath. The consumption of aluminum sulfate has extremely adverse effects on the intestine and stomach. In most cases, a person will start vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

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Treatment of aluminum sulfate poisoning or exposure to aluminum sulfate is a common and practical preventive measure against exposure to any toxic substance. If it enters the skin or eyes, immediately flush the exposed area for a few minutes or until the irritation disappears. When it is inhaled, you should leave the smoke area and breathe some fresh air. Ingestion of aluminum sulfate requires the victim to force vomiting to expel toxins from the stomach. As with any hazardous chemicals, measures should be taken to avoid contact, especially when aluminum sulfate is mixed with water.

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