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Iron-free aluminum sulfate used in paper industry

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aluminum sulphate paper industry

In the paper industry, in order to improve the quality of paper, high-quality paper is produced. In the papermaking process, especially in the white paper production process, iron-free aluminum sulfate is used. So what are the uses and advantages of iron-free aluminum sulfate in the paper industry?

In the paper industry, aluminum sulfate has many uses. Such as paper additives, retention and drainage aids, paper strengthening agents, water treatment agents, etc. In use, since iron-free aluminum sulfate does not contain iron, it will not adversely affect the whiteness of paper when used in white paper production. With the development of the paper industry, the aluminum sulfate used in papermaking is mainly powdery iron-free aluminum sulfate and some also contain aluminum sulfate.

 aluminum sulphate

When iron-free aluminum sulfate is used in the paper industry, it has the following uses and advantages:

  1. Retention and drainage of papermaking pulp. Aluminum sulfate has a good retention and drainage effect on pulp.

2. Paper strengthening agent. The color of white paper is not adversely affected when iron-free aluminum sulfate is used. The performance of white paper will be significantly improved, which is very suitable for high-quality paper production.

3. After adding iron-free aluminum sulfate to the pulp. Reduced impact on pulp pH.

4. Iron-free aluminum sulfate is suitable for a wide pH range in the paper sizing process. Iron-free aluminum sulfate is suitable for sizing in acidic and neutral environments and is less corrosive to papermaking systems. Wastewater treatment is easier. Aluminum ferrous sulfate is only suitable for sizing in acidic environment. Aluminum ferrous sulfate has a certain impact on paper quality and equipment.

5. Iron-free aluminum sulfate can increase the toughness of paper.

The above is the use of iron-free aluminum sulfate in the paper industry. In fact, most manufacturers choose powdered aluminum sulfate without iron, which is more convenient to use.

Post time: Mar-24-2023