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Foreign trade negotiation training

Foreign trade negotiation training

In today’s foreign trade industry, there are good and bad employees, and there is a lack of systematic summary of work experience. In response to this industry ecology, Tai’an Business Association invited Mr. Jia, who has been deeply involved in the foreign trade industry for nearly 20 years and has made outstanding achievements, to comprehensively and systematically for the first time Pass on experience to fellow industry elites.

On March 25th, the foreign trade practical training was grandly opened in Dongyue Mountain Hotel. More than 200 foreign trade industry elites gathered together to listen to and learn from Mr. This high-end training will improve your career in foreign trade!

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In the follow-up process of foreign trade customer development, most customers are often entangled in price issues, and they will also go through the stage of “bargaining”. Sometimes even if we really drop the price to the bottom, the customer’s reply is still: Please. give me your best price.

So how to deal with the routine of customer bargaining?

Mr.Jia’s training mainly consists of two subjects: negotiation principles and negotiation skills. He vividly told everyone that foreign trade buyers must master negotiation skills if they want to succeed. Negotiation is a process in which buyers and sellers reach a mutual agreement for their respective goals. In this almost transparent market environment, price negotiation is almost zero, price negotiation strategy and practice, but to improve the company’s procurement performance and achieve the highest expected economic benefits of the company’s projects. Negotiation is not only a game process, but also a science and an art. It is an art of seeking to maximize one’s own interests through communication and compromise.

Mr. Jia shared his rich experience, used wonderful cases for everyone to discuss together, and answered the questions raised by the participants. He clearly demonstrated the originally complex and vague concepts in procurement. It also made the audience feel more clearly that this training is not just a general talk, but the essence, focusing on the key points, which comes from work and returns to work. After two hours, everyone benefited a lot.

Shandong Tianqing Environment Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to learn, provide customers with high-quality  aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum chloride, polyacrylamide, and do a good job of serving domestic and foreign customers.


Tai’an Merchants Association will continue to focus on the needs of enterprises, effectively help more foreign trade enterprises to improve their internal strength, overcome difficulties, and empower Tai’an’s economy to lead high-quality development.

Post time: Mar-28-2023