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Papermaking 10 Tips from Polyacrylamide Supplier


1) When the ash content of the paper is too low, the beating degree can be improved to close the paper to improve the filling retention rate.

2) The paper sheet in the cylinder surface is due to the paper sheet and the cylinder surface adhesion is not enough, can improve the beating degree to solve this problem.

3) The paper adhesion to the dryer indicates that the paper structure is too tight, which may be too much fine fiber, which can be improved by reducing the beating degree.

4) The pulp free degree is large, floating edge creases often appear, if other indicators are qualified, should ensure that there is enough tapping degree.

5) Damaged paper spots are mainly damaged paper in the pulper without good fragmentation (improve the ability of the re-crusher; Viscous beater may be required; If the beater is used as a dredge machine, it is impossible to achieve the desired effect).

6) If the loose thickness is too low, reduce the beating degree and make the paper structure more open.

7) The breaking resistance can be improved by adjusting the beating degree.

8) the dark spots and spots when pressing are caused by bad molding (beating can make the slurry on the net more uniform distribution).

9) Thickness is inversely proportional to beater degree (adjust beater if other test results permit; Initial beating caused a large decrease in thickness).

10) Folds are related to drying, reflecting the uneven distribution of the web structure (reducing beating and improving molding will help).


Post time: Apr-15-2023