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How to solve the sewage problem with water treatment agent

The customer purchased the water treatment agent consultation, can directly sprinkle into the sewage? Can not, some also asked the site sewage dissolving water to treat solid? Can reduce sewage, but also can use sewage, which is not possible, water treatment flocculants are mesh or chain structure, these structures need to be fully extended after dissolution in order to play the role of sewage treatment.


Water treatment agent often refers to polyacrylamide dry powder or polyacrylamide emulsion is generally not directly added to use, it needs to be dissolved after dilution, the use of dissolved dilution good water solution. An exception may be made if the dry polyacrylamide powder is directly used as a raw material or the formula is mixed with other raw materials. So what do you dilute polyacrylamide with? Some of the site for a variety of reasons, may use purified “sewage” or circulating water to dissolve, usually not recommended to do so, many after treatment of water, there will be impurities, and polyacrylamide is not suitable for acid, alkaline and other water to dissolve. The usual requirement is to dilute the water treatment agent polyacrylamide with clean running water.


Why should water treatment agent dry powder be dissolved and diluted?


Some users may wonder why it is not possible to add polyacrylamide powder directly to the sewage that needs to be treated. This is because water treatment agent needs to add water to prepare a certain concentration of solution, its dissolution time also takes about 40-60 minutes. It won’t work if you add it directly. Water treatment agent emulsion is liquid, also want to dilute? Yes, because usually this kind of emulsion products, solid content is relatively high, generally about 30-45%, such a high concentration is not suitable for direct use, the general use is according to the concentration of 0.1-0.5% solution prepared diluent, water treatment flocculant is a network or chain structure, These structures need to be dissolved and fully extended to play a role in treating sewage.

Post time: Apr-08-2023